martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

3D Scanning with IPad: ItSeez3D

In this post we are going to comment a new product from an entrepreneurial technology company that has the potential to open up 3D printing by providing consumers an easy access to mobile 3D scanning technology.

We are talking about itSeez3D, an application that allows anyone with an iPad and the Structure Sensor to transform his/her iPad into a mobile 3D scanner to create 3D models using objects they see around them.

The new technology provides a convenient tool for the 3D printing fans, facilitating color scans within a couple of minutes. The result is both amazing and spooky as a fully rendered 3D bust of a real person that you can spin around with your fingers, and even pinch to zoom on the screen.

With Itseez’s app and the sensor, you can scan any object, or even a human head quickly and easily, and then either send the scan through email as an attached .ply or .obj file, or upload it into SketchFab, a browser-based 3D design viewer and online portfolio. 

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